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"No Surprises" is our claim.  We say this with absolute confidence.

There are NO HIDDEN COSTS in the construction of your new home. 

Any and all changes are discussed, and agreed upon in writing,
prior to being done.

The use of top quality materials and construction techniques,
in conjunction with daily on-site project management,
ensures the highest possible quality,
while maintaining a guaranteed schedule.


Each home we design is custom.
Designing a custom home may seem daunting to the homeowner,
but the process is actually quite exciting and rewarding.
Starting with a basic design concept, we, along with you, the customer, develop this basic design concept into your own custom home plan.  Special attention to detail, as well as your involvement in the
design process, makes each home unique,
and enables us to build the home you truly desire.


Superior customer service is our priority.
We are available to our customers all day, every day,
including evenings and weekends.
We meet when, and where, it is convenient for you.
By offering this flexibility in scheduling,
we are always available to answer any questions
and address any concerns,
throughout the design and construction of your new home.


We only design and build a few homes each year.
This allows us to dedicate ample time to each project,
focusing on thorough design, cost containment,
superior quality and guaranteed scheduling.
This thoroughness ensures no surprises.

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